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Sporting Life

Our ethos of excellence combined with full participation is clearly seen in the field of sport.  Girls enjoy a variety of sports within their timetabled PE lessons and the outstanding sports facilities are also used to their full advantage for extra-curricular sporting activities.  While the most able young sportswomen have every chance to compete at the highest level and achieve impressive results, enthusiastic girls of all ability levels are fully involved and encouraged to be part of a sporting team. 

From the earliest stages of their school lives, we encourage girls to be enthusiastic and excited about a wide variety of sporting activities; enjoying the experience of being part of a team and learning new skills, while also learning about the health benefits of being active in daily life. 

Reception classes have timetabled PE lessons in gymnastics, dance, games, athletics, mini tennis and basic rounders.   The focus is on developing basic control, co-ordination and core movement skills and techniques for catching, throwing and striking are introduced.  Swimming is brought in from Year 2 and the girls learn front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke, in addition to an emphasis on water safety and water confidence.  As the girls get older, they refine and develop their abilities and begin to understand rules, team positions and tactics.  From Year 3, the girls have five timetabled periods of PE per week which includes swimming all year round, gymnastics, dance and games (which incorporates netball as the main sport plus pop lacrosse, hockey, tag rugby and football) during the winter and athletics, rounders and tennis in the summer term.