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What kind of school is GHS?

Guildford High School is an academically selective, independent day school for girls from ages 4 to 18.  

When do girls join GHS?

The natural entry points are at 4+, 7+, 11+ and 16+.  We are happy to assess girls for entrance at other age groups dependent on availability of spaces.

How do girls travel to school?

In Senior School the majority of girls (around 70%) travel to school by train as we are located directly adjacent to Guildford's London Road station.  When girls join us at Year 7, we can arrange train buddies who will travel with them from their home station.  Bus numbers 36, 37, 462 and 515 also stop very near school and the Park and Ride bus is another useful way of reaching school without driving into the town centre.  Junior School has a very efficient "drop off" arrangement outside school from 7.45am where staff and pupils are waiting to greet younger girls as they arrive so that you can simply drive through without needing to park. Comprehensive information about public transport can be found at  

What is the school day routine?

 The School Day


 Junior School 

 Senior School 

 Morning Registration  8.30am  8.30am 
 Morning Break  10.10am

 Short break at 10.30am

 Break at 11.45am 

 Lunchtime  12.15pm  1.25pm
 Afternoon Registration  1.15pm  2.30pm
 Lessons End

 3.05pm for Reception and Year 1

 3.45pm for Year 2 and older


Is any before or after school care available?

Girls can be dropped off from 7.45am and there is a breakfast club which is particularly suitable for younger girls who need to be dropped at school early.  In Junior School there is a ‘late class’ which runs from 3.05pm to 3.45pm for girls in Reception and Key Stage 1.  After this time, girls can join the after school care group which runs until 6.00pm.  This can be booked on an ad hoc or regular basis and there is a charge for this facility. In Senior School girls can work in the library until 5.50pm.

What areas do GHS families live in?

Girls travel to GHS from a wide range of areas around Guildford including Woking, Farnham, Camberley, Haslemere, Esher and Dorking.  

From which schools do girls join GHS?

Girls join GHS from a wide range of schools around the local area and further afield.  Approximately 20 per cent of the offers made to girls joining Year 7 (11+) are to girls previously at state schools.    

How many places are available at 11+?

There are approximately 100 girls in Year 7, across four or five forms.  Around 40 per cent of these places go to girls from our own Junior School, with 60 per cent being secured by girls joining GHS at 11+.

How selective is GHS?

GHS is an academically selective school and the results of our entrance assessment are an important factor when we make offers of places.  However, we are always looking for innate potential and the ability to learn, rather than simply assessing what a girl has already been taught.  In every year group there are girls who are academically exceptional but the vast majority of pupils are simply bright, enthusiastic girls who enjoy learning and seize the opportunities offered.  You can find out more about the admissions process here.

Is any financial assistance available?

There are several forms of financial assistance which are applicable dependent on circumstances.  We offer academic scholarships at 11+ and 16+ and music scholarships at 11+ and 16+.  Through the United Church Schools Trust we also offer an assisted place scheme and bursary assistance is also available to members of the clergy.  You can find out more about scholarships and bursaries here.

How many pupils are there at GHS?

There are approximately 980 girls in school overall.  Almost 300 of these girls are in Junior School and our Sixth Form typically includes approximately 190 girls.

When was the school founded?

Guildford High School was founded in 1888 as a progressive school offering first class education to girls.  Guildford High School is a member of the United Church Schools Trust, part of United Learning.  This is a non-denominational group which welcomes pupils of all faiths and none to its schools. It was founded in the Church of England on the principles of respect, service and compassion.  You can read more about the school’s history here.

Where do GHS girls go on to when they leave school?

GHS girls go on to a wide array of higher education learning and future careers.  Around 20 per cent of girls go on to study at Oxford or Cambridge colleges and girls consistently secure places in the most competitive universities on the most competitive courses.  The wide range of subjects which girls go on to study, including sciences, medicine, social sciences, politics, economics, languages and humanities, reflects the variety of interests and abilities of our students.  In recent years, our GHS ‘Old Girls’ newsletter has included articles by former students with careers as diverse as a judge in the United States, a professional portrait artist, a BBC producer and a successful playwright. You can read more about higher education on our Sixth Form pages.