Year 2 trip to Beaulieu

Year 2 travelled by coach to Beaulieu Motor Museum. We learnt all about the history of cars and how they have evolved into the cars we have today. We looked at different cars and our guide Fiona told us all about the features of them and what period of time they were used. We then saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which was really cool because it looked like it was from the book. We also looked at the bicycles they used to use - some of them even had engines. One of our surprises was that we took a ride on the old 'Gumdrop' vintage car and had our very own driver. It used to be Lord Montague's car! Our favourite car was the Orange because it used to sell oranges to schools. When we left the museum we took a quick detour to the seaside where our teachers surprised us with an ice-cream each! It was delicious! We had an amazing time and have many facts to tell our families.

Class 2L