Year 10-UVI Classics Trip

For 35 girls from Year 10 to Upper Sixth, the places, images and artefacts that form the basis of our Classics lessons came vividly to life during a six-day tour to Greece. We enjoyed plenty of late-October sun, a packed itinerary taking in some of the world’s most important and inspirational archaeological sites and museums, stories from mythology, Homer, history and theatre, not to mention a variety of Greek cuisine, a beachside hotel and a mountain-top hotel. We started at the sanctuary at Delphi, travelling through the Peloponnese to Olympia, where we saw the lighting of the flame for the 2018 Winter Games. We went to Mycenae (a major centre of Greek civilisation more than 3,000 years ago), and compared the acoustics at the theatres of Argos and Epidaurus. On the way to Athens, we stopped at Corinth and Eleusis before enjoying the treasures of the National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis. Having found Lord Byron’s graffito on the temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, we watched the sun set over dinner at a beachside restaurant. The girls’ genuine love for the ancient world, their thirst for knowledge, good humour and impeccable manners made this a particularly memorable trip.   
Mr Andrew James