Wellbeing Week 2019

Spring was certainly in air this well-being week at GHS. This year we were exploring the link between our well-being and nature and the sun shone on us! Pupils connected with each other in a variety of well-being activities from flower arranging, laser tag, yoga, willow weaving and of course enjoyed a lovely well-being walk with ice-cream. Pupils lead such busy lives when they can feel under constant assessment and we need to encourage them to connect with themselves, each other and to remember to look after and be kind to themselves, each other and their natural world. 

Mrs Karen Laurie

​Accounts from the Junior School girls:

Willow weaving was really fun as we got to weave pieces of willow by ourselves. We learnt the technique from our willow weaving instructor and even got to take them home! - Zoya, Class 2L

Years 5 and 6 had the amazing opportunity to play a game of Laser Tag. The atmospheric music and smoke machine made the room seem like a spy mission in action. The head band and laser gun were really cool and it was quite competitive. Plenty of people hid behind the inflatables, waiting to re-charge whilst others shot from out in the open. The game was really fun. Multiple truces were made and broken but everyone enjoyed themselves. - Élise, Class 6H

The Junior School had a warm, cosy Hygge Day. Everybody came into school with their dressing gown or  a blanket, fluffy slippers and a teddy to keep them company. As Hygge is the Danish word for cosy and comfortable, we were treated to have hot chocolate at break! Everyone felt toasty in their warm clothing and felt like they were in bed all day. This definitely boosted our Wellbeing. - Isabella, Anabella & Joanna, Class 6H