Weald and Downland

Year 5 excitedly left for the Weald and Downland Living Museum to study Tudor life. Upon arrival, we were split into three groups and our group’s first stop was a medieval house where we learnt that people at that time believed that illness came from bad smells. We got to make small pomander beads using rose water, clover, lavender and fennel, which people of those times used believing they would stay healthy. 

Next, we went to a textiles workshop where we learnt what poor Tudors would have worn in their daily life. We also learnt how they would have spun wool and even got to try it ourselves which was really fun! Everyone enjoyed learning about how the Tudors dyed their fabrics with plant products. 

After lunch we visited my favourite place of the day; the blacksmith. Here we were lucky enough to see a blacksmith in action! Next, we visited the working water mill and got to see how the water powered the cogs and how the cogs powered two stones that were used to grind the grain into flour. We also got to see some of the other Tudor houses and some of the baby animals at the museum. 

Isabeau, Year 5