UVI Geography Trip

In February, 14 geography students embarked on their A Level Geography field course to Devon. With spirits high and the minibus music loud, we arrived at Skern Lodge in Westward Ho!.
Fully prepared with four sets of waterproofs and ranging poles at the ready, we made our way to the pebble ridge, the site of our investigation for the day. After carrying out a brief pilot test, we started to take measurements over 3.5km to see how pebble size varies with gradient and distance.
After interpreting our data from the previous day in our morning session, we ventured out to measure the vegetation succession of the famous Braunton Burrows sand dunes. During our investigation we discovered and learnt about the large variety of plants and witnessed and recorded the trends which occurred as we walked inland. Once the serious stuff was over, we made sure to take the time out of our day to roll multiple times down the steep dunes of Braunton!
On the final day of our trip we focussed on a human element of geography where we carried out environmental quality surveys in two towns, Bideford and Barnstable. After a short, and completely necessary, trip to Costa, we were quickly on the minibus and on our way back to Surrey. 
Rachel and Katie, Upper Sixth