The Misanthrope

You are correct in thinking that I left school in July, however, the lure of dynamic directing duo Ms Mackay and Mr Hogg and a new 17th century comedy meant I couldn’t stay away for long. Greeted by Moliere’s masterful writing, a tap troupe and a singing chorus who performed everything from Carly Simon to The Clash, I certainly was not disappointed.

‘The Misanthrope’ continues to be Molière’s most recognised work to this day, and through watching this lively cast, it’s clear to see why. Tabby Rimmer, our misanthropist and protagonist, delivered a highly compelling and strong portrayal of Alceste - the poet promising to leave behind upper class French society with all its rhyming and frills while remaining desperately in love with the flirtatious and mischievous Célimène, convincingly depicted by Emma Pollock. Particular mention must as well go to Dora Black, whose arrogant and ‘vain’ Oronte created much hilarity.

What was most striking about the play was the strength of the cast as a whole. The ensemble worked together to deliver an energetic and vibrant performance, kangaroo cameos and all – another triumph! Congratulations to all those involved.

Maria Pointer, Old Girl (Head Girl 2017-18)