Sixth Form visits China

In October half term, 34 Sixth Form Geography students embarked on a culturally enlightening trip to China. After 24 hours of travelling, we arrived in Beijing. To commence our visit, we trekked up the Great Wall Of China, explored the Olympic Park, Tiananmen Square, the historic palaces of the city and met the adorable children of a local school - experiences we shall never forget. Following this, we took the sleeper train to Xi’an - an ancient city, home to one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world: the Terracotta Warriors. Finally, we travelled to Shanghai, a city illustrating stark contrast between old and new, which was truly fascinating. Highlights included our visit to the Pearl TV Tower, the Bund, an evening river cruise through the bright lights of the city, and to conclude the trip a breath-taking acrobatic show. Thank you so much to all the teachers and a special mention must go to our tour guides Jackie, Jill, Andrew and James for making our trip so memorable.
Lara, L6