Surrey SATRO Winners

Science Week was a very busy time at Guildford High School and one event saw the Lower Sixth Form team of Helena, Sophie, Samantha, Natasha, Sita and Helen competing in the grand final of the Surrey SATRO Problem Solving Competition. 

About thirty teams of Surrey’s elite physicists, engineers and technology students were gathered at ACS Cobham to do battle. The design brief was to build a vehicle which would be powered by an electric motor. In itself, this sounds fairly simple; however, teams would be judged on accuracy as the vehicle drove up a ramp, whether it could be started by dropping a marble onto it, whether it would come to an automatic stop at the end and, of course, the time taken. Each team was given ninety minutes to design and build their vehicle; this included a thirty minute test time. The girls set about feverishly allocating tasks and their creation started to come to life and they were so confident in their idea that they didn’t test it! The judges called them up for their test and the vehicle initially veered wildly to the left, leaving them one last chance. In their final run, it majestically powered its way up the ramp and stopped exactly on the target point. There was an anxious wait while the judges deliberated their scoring but the girls managed to secure a decisive victory against the extremely tough opposition. 

Well done girls!

Mr Brad Russell