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Well-being at GHS!

Last year there were well-being opportunities a-plenty for the girls and they embraced them with their usual GHS passion. I am so pleased that the girls talk about their well-being, realise that the school takes it very seriously and are becoming more aware that unplugging, spending time with friends and taking note of our emotions are healthy and fun! The well-being programme aims to offer that pause in the day for girls that are super busy, encouraging them to take some time out and just be themselves.

We have had regular well-being events which have involved decorating a cookie for yourself, friend or family member and it was so lovely to see so many girls in Stocks using plenty of icing and putting colourful patterns and messages on their heart shaped cookies whilst chatting and eating! The Silent Disco was a huge success - I will never forget seeing new Year 7 girls dancing with staff and the Head Girl as the whole school sang (it was the loudest silent disco ever!) enjoying being together and having fun. The hot-chocolate walks have also become a key time to chat, unwind and see the different seasons whilst walking around Stoke Park. For those not initiated into the world of Star Wars, there has been an opportunity to become aware of the force and watch the original episodes whilst enjoying some pop-corn snuggled on the sofas of the Current Affairs suite with a blanket and a chum. 

Well-being week offered the opportunity to try to learn some good relaxation techniques through regular Yoga and I also loved seeing the girls outside in Harper Gardens learning about Thai Chi. Year 11 enjoyed a well-being breakfast together and girls had the chance to meet our new counsellor, Katie Erasmus who has joined Diana Greig. The counselling service really offers another strand to the pastoral care in the school and it is great that the girls can take advantage of the expertise of our lovely counsellors. It made my week to hear that the Year 8s had been singing the well-being song (‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’) in full voice whilst on their Eden and Cheddar Gorge trip!

In the Trinity Term we used the gardens more for well-being, having Yoga and Thai Chi going on so girls could just join in. We also had a mini-farm come into school (drawing on the idea of the success of ‘puppy rooms’ at universities) and also sorted out some garden games for the girls to use whilst relaxing at lunch!

Perspective and balance is so important to the girls - they are busy, talented girls who offer so much and live life to the full. The well-being programme aims to recognise this and offer a little time for reflection or a break from the norm so that they can keep themselves healthy in mind and body and understand that we are at our best when we are happily busy with time interspersed for ourselves. 

If you have any well-being ideas - do please get in touch! 

Mrs Karen Laurie, Deputy Head Pastoral

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