La Casa Encantada

At the end of the Michaelmas term, all Spanish students from Years 8 to 10 were given the opportunity to watch a Spanish play - La Casa Encantada. It focused on a haunted house and the actors were two native Spanish speakers which was an excellent way to extend our vocabulary and also to hear some Spanish conversations.
The play incorporated fun and entertaining humour with informative, educational content. It was highly interactive, with girls being called up on stage and asked to call out answers to questions. The characters that were portrayed were also of our own age, allowing us to relate to the storyline. At the end of the play, we were able to ask the actors questions, allowing us to practise conversing in Spanish. This was an amazing insight into Spanish life, culture and theatre and it was incredibly interesting to talk to Spanish people face-to-face.
Alena, Connie and Lauren, Year 10