African Drumming

Year 4 were treated to a workshop of djembe drumming with Jabez. We learnt that the djembe drums come from West Africa. The ‘djem’ is the wood of the drum from the ‘djem’ tree, and ‘be’ is the skin of the drum which is made from goat skin. Jabez taught us to put our hands into a diamond shape to play the djembe drums and we could make different sounds by spreading out our fingers or tapping the drum skin lightly or harder. 

Jabez taught us some rhythms - one from the Kuku which we played in groups, group djem and group be - play djembe, play djembe; one two three four five six seven eight. The whole year group was playing one rhythm whilst one person played a solo which we took in turns. Then we put the two rhythm patterns we had learnt together at the same time. It was great fun although our hands did sting a little bit by the end of the hour!

Sophie and Raveena, 4C